Sunday, April 29, 2012

Finally I Started This Blog

I've been telling myself gee, I should just whip up a blog for the books I'm reading for some time now.  But for whatever reason (lazy bum), I didn't get around to it until now.  I have another blog that's beauty related nicsviolet as well as a twitter account @nicsviolet which I'm occasionally rambling about whatever scifi book I'm reading at the moment (usually it's beauty stuff though).

I spend about 2 hours commuting daily, about an hour of that I spend reading (walk to bus, very short bus ride to train, train downtown, walk to work).  I usually take my hour for lunch reading as well (better on the wallet than my other favorite alternative of downtown shopping).  It works out great, I feel I have a perfect amount of dedicated times to read, so I get through books at a reasonable pace without even reading on the weekend.

I've been very interested in space and technology, science, all that jazz - since I was a kid.  I've been using the internet from 1993 on, and truth be told I wanted to be a programmer after reading the (what felt romantic at the time) story of Jamie Zawinski jwz and the start of Mosaic/Netscape nscp dorm.  I went to a university briefly around 98-99, learned how to program but promptly dropped out.  Got myself into IT fulltime around 2000, and have been since.  It lost its charms a long time ago, but I love the prospects of technology, where science can take us, expanding our presence in space.. all the things I love about science fiction.

I'm slowly trying to read other books, I've been reading scifi pretty much non-stop for the past 10 years or so.  You'd think I'd read most of the classics, but my method of choosing something to read usually is done at the bookstore and based on the title/spine font/back cover summary.  I do try to throw in a classic here and there.  I will be reading either some fantasy or general mystery/fiction in the future.  I like scifi in that it's a known quantity.  It's stuff I'm interested in, and likely won't be heart-wrenchingly depressing.  I'm too empathetic and get attached to characters easily, it seems a lot of general fiction has a lot of heartbreak in it.

So that's the story, nothing exciting.  I like to read others' thoughts after completing a book, I find there isn't a whole lot out there with reactions that can contain spoilers.  I don't want to spoil a book for anyone, personally I refuse to even read the wikipedia summary of a book or movie I haven't finished.  I will make efforts to warn the reader of my blog when I'm to talk about details that I'd consider spoily.  Sometimes I feel like the back cover summary is too spoilery, but that's a different post.  Onwards, to the future!

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