Thursday, May 24, 2012

Books in the Queue

This will be a list of my books waiting to be read, I have a tendency to buy several books at a time and stashing away to read later.  Makes it much easier when you're getting through them at a decent pace, there's always several to choose from before you need to make another trip to the store.  I should really go the library route at some point, but I just haven't (that's what I did as a kid, but we had an awesome library where I could pick up 3-5 books every week or two during the summer).  When I was in my early-mid 20s (aka 7+ years ago) I had a habit of buying a big chunk of books once I read one or two books by an author that I liked.  So while I may have several unread by an author, most cases I have read 3+ by that author that I enjoyed.  Or someone recommended an author, but it turned out I wasn't interested in their writing.

Note: this is my personal queue, the boyfriend also has a bunch I have not yet read but I consider those to be a when I'm in the mood for something else I'll think about it maybe. :)

Another note: my memory for books I've read is awful so it may turn out that I have read some of these and won't realize it until I'm 50 pages in.  Some of these books I've probably had 5+ years.  I will read them, eventually.

So here it is in no particular order.

Titan - Stephen Baxter
Superluminal - Tony Daniel
The Bell Jar - Sylvia Plath
Trouble on Triton - Samuel R. Delany (thought I had read this but it doesn't seem familiar)
Hammerfall - C. J. Cherryh (technically it's the boyfriend's but I was given it to read when I moved to Minneapolis two years ago and still haven't read it)
Gravity's Rainbow - Thomas Pynchon (tried to start this some years ago - made it to p20, not sure I'll ever get all the way through it, but I'll try again eventually)
Eon - Greg Bear
Distraction - Bruce Sterling (bought because I was in a heavy cyberpunk phase and I knew he was an important author in the genre, but his stories are a little too close to current times and I usually pick to read something else)
Ring - Stephen Baxter (there's a phrase, "Riding the Superstrings to the end of the Universe" on the cover that makes me giggle)
The Cyberiad - Stanislaw Lem
Ringworld - Larry Niven (started years ago, stalled at p84)
Zeitgeist - Bruce Sterling (see above)
Century Rain - Alastair Reynolds (stalled p62 - sorry Alastair, I love most of your work but I don't like alternate history)
The Digital Dead - Bruce Balfour
nova - Samuel R. Delany (I'm 88% sure I have read this, but...)
Factoring Humanity - Robert J. Sawyer
The End of Eternity - Isaac Asimov (stalled p102 10+ years ago)
Memoirs Found in a Bathtub - Stanislaw Lem
Time Out of Joint - Philip K. Dick (love his books but the back cover of this one didn't grab me [it says a character thinks it's 1959 after all])
The Caves of Steel - Isaac Asimov (stalled p104 5+ years ago)
The Naked Sun, The Robots of Dawn - Isaac Asimov
Transcendent - Stephen Baxter
Shikasta - Doris Lessing (and I have two copies, what??)
The Forever War - Joe Haldeman (stalled p54)
Hidden Empire - Kevin J. Anderson
Rainbow's End - Vernor Vinge
His Master's Voice - Stanislaw Lem (stalled p11, pitiful)
The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four and Five - Doris Lessing
A Scanner Darkly - Philip K. Dick
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - Philip K. Dick
The Lord of the Rings - J. R. R. Tolkien (I really wanted to get through this at the time but the wordiness tired me out, but it's been 5-7 years and I have a feeling it would be different now)
Following are not technically mine but in consideration to read before buying more!
A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin (enjoying the Game of Thrones HBO series and the boyfriend is also a big fan of the books)
Polity Agent, Line War - Neal Asher (I have read the prior Gridlinked/Cormac books)
The Culture novels - Iain M. Banks (read The Player of Games and liked it, would be interested in others in the series he has)

Books I've Now Read!

The Lathe of Heaven - Ursula K. Le Guin (enjoyed The Left Hand of Darkness but found it terribly depressing, put me off Le Guin a while, but did enjoy The Dispossessed without the ripping depression) - read 5/31/12 - review with spoilers
The Man in the High Castle  - Philip K. Dick - read 6/5/12
dhalgren - Samuel R. Delany (started years ago, stalled after p65) - read 6/28/12 - review with spoilers 
Spook Country - William Gibson (I had read everything through All Tomorrow's Parties but lost interest with Pattern Recognition and haven't read anything of his since) read 7/4/12 - review with spoilers
Iron Sunrise - Charles Stross (didn't like his first book that much, been stalling on this one but I should give it a try) - read 7/13/12
Axis - Robert Charles Wilson - read 7/23/12
Vortex - Robert Charles Wilson - read 7/30/12
Moneyball - Michael Lewis (boyfriend really wants me to read it, so I'll add it to the list to make him happy :) )  - read 8/7/12
The Moon is a Harsh Mistress - Robert A. Heinlein (stopped because life got busy at one point, never picked back up, but was enjoying it) - read 9/7/12 - review with spoilers
The Ophiuchi Hotline - John Varley - read 9/18/12

The list is bigger than I realized and is slightly shameful, I need to get cracking on my stash here.  And to think I started three separate series recently that I need to attend to.  I think I will start a Project 10 Book similar to in the beauty world Project 10 Pan (where you can't buy any products until finishing 10) - no new books until I read 10 in my stash!

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