Thursday, May 31, 2012

Reading Now! The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin

This is a very short read, only 175 pages.  I picked it for my first novel in my Project 10 Book - I need to read 10 books of my large queue before I'm allowed to buy anything!  I admit it was a cheap move, but I wanted to get moving!

I read The Left Hand of Darkness as my first Le Guin book, the ending left me feeling a bit (or a lot) crushed, and I was hesitant to read anything else of hers.  I'm very affected by emotion in books/movies/etc, and a depressing book can have me off-kilter for several days.  And what I consider depressing probably isn't according to the rest of the world.  Other than that, I really enjoyed the book, she develops characters very well and that's a quality that can be lacking with a lot of science fiction.  

Anyway, I digress.  That was a while ago, probably five+ years.  I decided to read The Dispossessed sometime this year, and am happy to report that was much less soul-crushing!  I enjoyed it, but it was a little political for my preferences.  But I do enjoy her writing so it encouraged me to read something else.  I don't even remember buying The Lathe of Heaven but I imagine I picked it up at the same time as The Dispossessed.

The Lathe of Heaven sucked me in from page 1.  I started this on the train into work, and I was so focused I didn't look up until I was almost to my stop - usually I check periodically to see where we are.  I read for an hour through lunch, and again home from the train.  And the real clincher, I was reading it even while standing for the bus!  I never do that.  I wanted to get this post up quickly since I was tearing through this book, but alas I failed.  I finished it today at lunch, enjoyed it start to finish.

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