Saturday, July 7, 2012

Reading Now! Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross

To try to add some normalcy into this queue reading for Project 10 Book I decided to pick something more my regular preferences.  Space opera, hard scifi, whatever it's called.  I read the book before Iron Sunrise, Singularity Sky a long time ago.  My guess would be 7+ years ago, but I'm not sure.  Anyway - I recall not liking it much.  I'm not even sure if it was justified!

I seem to remember the beginning of Singularity Sky having cell phones falling from the sky, and having some bad taste from there.  So anyhow, I avoided Iron Sunrise because of it, but had bought it anyway (what a weird habit that is).  I'm about 150 pages into Iron Sunrise and it's engaging, the type of scifi I was looking for, and I'm interested in the characters.  Signs are good!  Hopefully I'll be back with a positive review in a week or so. :)

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